Showing Small Business Some Love

November 25, 2016

For a very long time, I found it difficult to call myself a small business owner. Although I’ve been running my blog for over three years, I didn’t begin taking it seriously and using it to generate income until 2015. Through sponsored posts, product reviews, site development, and other collaborations, I became a small business owner. Having a full time job in addition to my blog always seemed to complicate the notion that I could possibly own a business myself. It wasn’t until I self-published my first book, however, that I truly understood the purpose, the livelihood, and the value of supporting small businesses.

I made the decision to self-publish my book in January 2016 because it allowed me to control all aspects of the production. I determined my editor, my artwork, my content, my timeline, and most importantly, my budget. I knew I could not afford to devote copious amounts of time and money to promoting both my book and my blog at this stage in my life, so having full control over my works made complete sense. With the liberties of self-employment also came the responsibilities of accounting, budgeting, production, promotion, and distribution. I have never had more respect for small business owners until I realized all the associated factors of running a legitimate, independent business.

I can’t say I’m always the best at being a patron of small businesses. I, like many people, enjoy saving money on clothes, home goods, groceries, and more when possible to build up my personal savings. When you support small businesses and shop local, however, you not only support your local economy and build a better notion of community in your area, you are supporting an individual or family’s livelihood and craft. While small businesses can range greatly between types of goods and services, you have the opportunity to support such workplaces in your consumption of a variety of products.

This Small Business Saturday, I invite you to support small businesses in your community. If you are able and interested, I also invite you to support my own by purchasing a copy of my book, Lessons We Paid For. For your continued loyalty and support to my site, I am running a 20% off promotion through Cyber Monday. Get your copy here and pick up an extra for a gift this holiday season!

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