Why I’m in Love with LulaRoe and You Should Be Too

December 11, 2016

I first encountered LulaRoe when I complimented my coworker’s brightly colored swing dress and asked where she purchased it. When I learned that it was through a direct sales company, I tuned out the convo immediately – my usually low-budget fashion sense cannot afford an addiction to high-priced direct sales catalog shopping. I continued shopping in my normal spaces, but continued to stumble upon LulaRoe consultants and the #LLR hashtag.

Finally, after joining a random consultant’s VIP group, I bit and ordered my first piece – a Madison skirt. I was pleasantly surprised when the order was virtually painless as I claimed my skirt through a Facebook group, was invoiced almost immediately, and held my purchase just a few days later.

The next thing I knew, I was scouring the internet to learn as much as possible about this new company. It’s safe to say that I was probably a few beverages away from buying into the company myself, it’s that great. While I’m going to leave the sales to consultants and coaches, you NEED to stop what you’re doing and check out LulaRoe. Here are 10 reasons I’m obsessed:

1. It’s affordable. – Prices range from around $20-70 depending on the piece you choose. This scale is significantly lower than most all direct sales for apparel I’ve previously encountered. Consultants also have the flexibility to hold sales and host giveaways!

2. You’re supporting families and small businesses. – Every consultant I have encountered so far is a true hustler and I can certainly see the direct impacts of supporting their businesses.

3. Pieces are unique. – Approximately 5000 pieces or fewer of each print are cut and distributed across the country. Chances are your flashy new dress won’t show up on anyone else you encounter!

4. Fit is AWESOME. – Once you have the opportunity to try on a few of the styles, you know your LLR size and it is consistent. Even through fabric changes, every LLR piece has been the same in fit across the board.

5. LulaRoe is comfortable. – Stretchy fabrics that are generally well made make LLR pieces some of the most comfortable and versatile clothing I’ve ever worn – especially the professional cuts that are perfect for work.

6. Consultants come to you. – Whether it’s through your computer via albums on Facebook or a party hosted in your own home, shopping and purchasing LLR is an easy experience for anyone’s life style.

7. It’s fun. – While some complain that the experience is confusing or challenging, I love the concept of shopping a consultant’s unique inventory via Facebook or a party. Live box sales are also exciting to watch as you see a consultant show pieces and you claim your favorites on the spot.

8. LulaRoe is accessible. – With over 60,000 consultants nationwide, can you believe the LLR market isn’t totally saturated? I only know a handful of consultants near me. While loyalty is important, you don’t only have to purchase from a single consultant because everyone’s inventory varies. If you’re looking for something specific, the amazing LLR community is quick to help you locate it!


9. The clothing considers all shapes and sizes – MODESTLY! – Knowing that any LLR dress or skirt cut is appropriate for work makes this clothing a 10/10 in my book. With sizes that range from XXS-2XL, almost any shopped can find a piece that fits them well.

10. It makes careers! – I’m so proud to watch women provide for themselves and for their families by doing something they truly love. I know so many consultants that literally quit their day jobs to go full-time with LLR!

This post is sponsored by Danielle Fowler LulaRoe. Check out her sales here!

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Runs 12/11-12/13/16.

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