Embracing a Niche-less Blog + Staying True to Me with Bluetique

February 22, 2017

For all you by-the-book bloggers out there, I’m about to say something crazy. It shouldn’t seem that radical really, but it does go against everything I’ve been taught about blogging. I’ve been working my way toward this announcement through my posts and Instagram photos, but I’m here to say that I am officially NICHE-LESS! In the four years that I’ve built Space, Place & Southern Grace, I’ve been boxed in. I’ve been boxed in by companies, by networking groups, by other bloggers, and even by myself out of pressure to quickly define what exactly it is I do in this space. The closest fit for a blogging “label” I adopted in the previous year was “lifestyle blogger” because that generally seemed to encompass all aspects of my life…so I thought. Increasingly so, I found that as a lifestyle blogger, other bloggers and sometimes readers expected me to have certain categories/pages and to touch on certain topics such as style, fitness, beauty, health, education, and beyond. Frankly, that’s just not me. My creative processes certainly aren’t timed to provide a weekly or even monthly rotation of content in each of those areas. I come here to express my opinions, and a majority of my commentary on popular culture and feminism fits nowhere in that cliched spectrum of blog topics. Sometimes, I want to blog about blogging to share tips. Other times, I want to show off a new recipe or outfit I’m loving. Moreover, despite increasing the quality of photography on my pages, I ultimately want to be recognized for the actual analytical writing I set forth rather than an #ootd post. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate an awesome clothing line or new piece I pick up on sale.

You might be thinking, identifying as niche-less is still somewhat a label in and of itself. Simply because we have words and descriptors for our content doesn’t mean we as bloggers necessary fit into prescribed boxes and categories. So I’m running with it. What does niche-less mean? I don’t have to have a definition and that’s the very beauty of it. Take my content one piece at a time rather than connecting the dots to make yourself comfortable with a big picture concept. If you can do that with my blog, I bet you can do that with unfamiliar identities with new individuals you meet. Isn’t that funny how that works? Less labeling, more appreciating. 😉

Being a so-called self-proclaimed “niche-less” blogger means I strive to work with whomever I choose. I will NEVER accept a collaboration with a brand I do not support or would not patronize in my personal life. Working with Bluetique is near and dear to me because it elevates a local shop right near the heart of Lexington and the University of Kentucky, my college and work home. This store maintains a constant commitment to provide reasonably priced clothing to college students and community members looking to stay on-trend. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with a few of the pieces seen below. The Bell Sleeve Top is my personal favorite – Seen here with jeans, I also paired this same top over a black swing dress for a work event this week! Nothing beats local + affordable. XO.


Want to shop my outfit? Head over to Bluetique to see all the looks in this post! Use the code BLUETIQUE20 to take 20% off your online purchase! Expires on Monday, March 12, 2017.

Farrah Tiered Bell Sleeve Top | $28

Black City Hat | $24

Heather Grey Wide Neck Knit Sweater | $34


This post was sponsored by Bluetique Lexington.

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