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My All-time Favorite Musicians

Our favorite music is undoubtedly what our feelings sound like. I am consistently in awe of how some of my favorite musicians can pinpoint my emotions when I can’t even put them into words. As much as beats and rhythms soothe the soul, the lyrics are what fuels the power of music. Some of the best lyricists I’ve ever known have experienced some of the most traumatic experiences themselves that led them to write such powerful sentiments. My top five favorite musicians are as follows for reasons none other than their strong melodies, profound lyrics, and overall amazing talents.

5. X Ambassadors

Although I stumbled upon them by accident (Opening up for Panic at the Disco post-exclamation point), I fell head over heels for X Ambassadors. Shortly after the show, I stalked them on Youtube and melted into a puddle of tears upon hearing their trolley show recordings. Sometimes you think bands have good days and bad in terms of vocals and performances, but these guys have been spot on every time. With powerful ballads and sensual songs, X Ambassadors are climbing high on my list.

Sarah’s favorite track: Litost

4. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, though young and new to the mainstream music scene, has impressed me beyond expectation thus far. His debut album, +, quickly made its way onto my iPod after falling in love with the first single “The A Team”. The albums clever lyrics and his delicate voice could serenade me for the next decade. I can’t wait to see where Ed goes next!

Sarah’s favorite track: Kiss Me

3. Shinedown

Having seen Shinedown live on their 2013 tour in West Virginia, I fell in love all over with this group of gentlemen. I began listening to them out of what I have no choice but to call teen angst, but quickly learned that their powerful lyrics and rough yet refined sound made them incredibly unique and interesting. I was fortunate enough to meet Brent and the gang in my hometown at a CD signing for Amaryllis and I anticipate their next release.

Sarah’s favorite track: Sound of Madness

2. Mumford and Sons

Having had the privilege to see them live just before the release of Babel, Mumford & Sons’ performance left me utterly speechless. Marcus Mumford’s vocals rang out across the Louisville river front and serernaded the sold out performance. Their lyrics are so blatantly true yet so tasteful that you cannot help but find yourself hanging on to their lines as maxims for living right. I set Sigh No More as a staple on my Sleep playlist each night to leave me on a relaxed note for the day and wake up to their Pandora station each morning. They are an unmatched talent wavering between genres.

Sarah’s favorite track: After the Storm (I want this song to be my first dance at my wedding!

1. City and Colour

Oh, Dallas Green. Let’s be real, where would I be without you? I think I’ve been having you serenade me since 2008 and I’m not sure what I did with myself before those five years. With the most purest and honest voice I have ever heard, City and Colour’s raw acoustic sound accompanied by simplistic yet heartfelt lyrics has truly changed my life. The first song I ever heard, Sleeping Sickness, immediately caught my attention and I knew that this song was no fluke — this is true talent. Little Hell was released right before I saw City and Colour for the first time in Cincinnati and provided a slightly different sound from the vocalist. Nonetheless, the result was beautiful and I am forever a fan.

Sarah’s favorite track: Day Old Hate

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